Kaleigh & Matt

August 16, 2019Warwick, RI

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We met in Spanish class sophomore year of high school (circa 2008) at Nobles, instantly bonding over our mutual love of sports since speaking Spanish was neither of our strengths. We began dating our senior year and both ended up studying in Rhode Island at Providence College and Brown University. Fast forward and we still call Providence our home. We could not be more excited to share this memorable time with you, our closest family and friends!

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Mary Kate Cruise: capitán del equipo - Maid of Honor

MK & Kaleigh met when we were 11 & 12 years old playing ice hockey. We attended Thayer Academy and Nobles together in high school-- remaining best friends ever since. We are polar opposites yet always seem to be thinking the same thing. Except for when people ask us if we're sisters and I answer yes but MK answers no. One of my favorite memories was when we were in the same Spanish class, even though I was a grade ahead of her. She put forth a lot more effort in Spanish than I did (lo siento Senora Richard) and when we got paired together in a class project let's just say MK was NOT happy. I was psyched I got an "A" though.... My favorite weekend excursion in college was to head up to Harvard and visit Mary Kate, best memories included Pinocchio's and/or Tasty Burger. Mary Kate's family has basically adopted me as an honorary Cruise.

Taylor Corder aka Tay - Bridesmaid

Kaleigh and Taylor met freshman year as roommates at Providence College. Taylor, from Mississippi and Texas, was new to New England but quickly we became best friends. Taylor claimed it took weeks before she understood what I was saying because she wasn't used to how fast New Englander's talk. She played it off well though, had no idea I was basically conversing with myself! Though we live far apart now we have stayed connected and visit as often as our schedules permit. Not to get serious but Taylor's work ethic and willingness to live in new places (such as random Indiana..or maybe its Ohio? where she is now) are all extremely admirable qualities. That, and her boyfriends have all had accents..

Suzie Lundeen aka Suz or Shosh or Shoshanna - Bridesmaid

Suzie and Kaleigh were also roommates at Providence College. We met during orientation freshman year and quickly became friends because Suzie was an ice hockey player from Minnesota (that's not the only reason why-- we both were equally as miserable playing the introduction games at orientation and really hit it off from there). Though we have separate terms for sneakers/tennis shoes, soda/pop, hockey pants/breezers, we're always able to laugh together and made so many memories throughout our college experience. Suzie also lives quite far away now, back in Minnesota, but we keep in touch daily.

Lauren Fitzgerald aka Fitzy/Fitz - Bridesmaid

Lauren and Kaleigh met when we were about 7/8 years old playing ice hockey at the Ulin rink in Milton. We both attended Thayer Academy and Nobles together (with additional pit stops at BB&N & Brooks School in between). We've made a lot of great memories growing up attending hockey tournaments all over the country. God bless our parents for all the driving they did for us, and we've had a lot of laughs together along the way. It's never a dull moment. Between our coaches mixing us up when telling us who they wanted to get on the ice for the next shift, or the time at Assabet practice when I got kicked off the ice but coach meant to kick off Lauren... still salty. Always on an adventure, you could find us frequenting the McDonald's drive-thru together 30 minutes before a hockey game against our rivals Lawrence Academy-- we still won though...

Elizabeth FitzPatrick aka Liz - Bridesmaid

Elizabeth is Kaleigh's first cousin. We grew up together always looking forward to spending time at our grandparents house at "Friday Pizza Night" or pool parties in Winthrop and beach days on Cape Cod in the summers. Elizabeth has always been one of Kaleigh's biggest role models. She is now married and has one son, Brendan, named after our paternal grandfather. If I need advice on any life topic, Elizabeth is my go to.

Jessica Harlow aka Jess - Bridesmaid

Jessica is Matt's one and only sister. We met over ten years ago when Jess was only 11 years old (see pictured)! It's been the coolest to be able to watch her grow up into the adult she is today. Jess has always had an amazing head on her shoulders, working super hard in school, juggling work and time with friends. She's hilarious and wise beyond her years, she's taught me not to be afraid to speak up when necessary. We both cannot wait to officially be sisters! Love you, Jess!

Staley Smith aka Stay - Bridesmaid

Staley and Kaleigh (yes, the names rhyme) met sophomore year at Nobles in Spanish class. Staley witnessed Kaleigh and Matt's first interactions as friends, where they both immensely struggled at speaking Spanish. She claims sparks flew then between us so we'll give her credit as sole witness to our budding relationship. To this day we still laugh about that, among the million other topics we discuss daily, and have remained best friends since 2008.

Bianca Bogda aka "B" - Bridesmaid

Kaleigh and Bianca met Kaleigh's sophomore year at Providence College coaching varsity ice hockey and lacrosse together at Bay View Academy in Rhode Island. We instantly bonded over our similar athletic and social upbringings (both of our fathers are/were police officers) and have been best friends since. Bianca seems to know everyone no matter where we go in Rhode Island, and quickly helped Kaleigh and Matt assimilate when we moved there. If you need a restaurant recommendation, or want to know the dirt on anyone who's lived in Rhode Island their whole lives, she's your go-to gal. Always impeccably dressed with hair on point. We have dinner together on a nightly basis filled with lots of laughs and spend our summers in Newport where B now resides. Kaleigh thinks of Bianca's family as her Italian Fam.

Leslie Kanchuga aka Lux but I don't call her that - Bridesmaid

Leslie and Kaleigh met in college (thanks Brown Hockey!) except Leslie didn't like me at first. When we quickly realized that we were on the same team, we became close friends. From New Hampshire to visiting Nashville, Providence to Boston, I promise I'll make it to visit you in Denver before this wedding takes place... I slept through my most recent flight to visit Les (PSA: Always check to make sure your alarm clock is set to AM not PM). I digress... we always have fun together. So blessed she decided my "serious face (PG version)" wasn't indicative of who I am as a person! <3

Nicole MacFarlane aka Nici - Bridesmaid

Nicole and Kaleigh also met in college thanks to Brown Hockey. One of the most supportive friends I have, Nici basically let me live with her and Kyle on the weekends in Providence. We worked for Red Bull together, both like nerdy video games and drinking tea. Let's not forget about that time I impulse drove to Buffalo to visit her, leaving at 9PM and arriving after 3AM. A speeding ticket and 6+ hours later, it was a little bit further than I remembered...Though she lives back home in Buffalo, NY, I admire from afar the hardworking, beautiful and loving mother Nicole has become.

Brendan Fitz O'Brien aka Baby B - Ring Bearer

Coming in at a whopping 1 years old, Baby B will be almost 2 when he takes his first stroll down the aisle. Wise beyond his years, we know he'll keep the rings safe and sound.

Ryan FitzPatrick - Best Man
Liam FitzPatrick - Groomsman
Nolan FitzPatrick - Groomsman
Gavin FitzPatrick - Groomsman
Matt Lorito - Groomsman
Jeff Ryan - Groomsman
Joe Prescott - Groomsman
Joey De Concilys - Groomsman
Massimo Lammacchia - Groomsman
Jeff Buvinow - Groomsman